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Thread: DVD's/E-books most helpful to puck players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blinky
    Yes you would be a better skater with better sprinting form. There are so many factors at work though that it would be tough to explain.

    -With greater core strength you could hold a better skating position for longer with less fatigue.

    -Tempo will improve your work capacity and endurance. Which will help when your skating form breaks down because of fatigue.

    Overall you will see huge improvments in hockey with sprint training.
    Thank you so much, that gets me excited. I think I'll be ordering the e-book three pack tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockechamp14
    Thank you so much, that gets me excited. I think I'll be ordering the e-book three pack tomorrow.
    No problem. It's interesting how much of an improvement it makes. I used to get off the ice and my legs would be burning from lactic acid build-up and I thought I was gonna die. Now, it feels like I'm not even trying out there. I could stay on the ice for a 5 minute shift and I would be fine.

    The most useful items on this site in my opinion are the "Training for speed" ebook and the GPP dvd. The GPP dvd is very informative and it helped me alot when I started this type of training.

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    You guys made my day with the Twist comments.... Funny shiiiiot!

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    a little late but...

    my 2 cents for what it's worth- the Horrigan/ Kreis book is excellent. It's worth having in your library. The GPP Essentials is a must have. I've found that the tempo days have a great benefit in the running mechanics, which in turn has helped my players skating- they're just smoother on the ice. It's a giant cycle- running mechanics get better, speed and acceleration training become more efficient and ultimately speed on the ice is improved. I had a goalie do the training as well, with some adjustments for lateral quickness and he reported feeling in mid-season game shape during the prospects tournament before training camp. And all these players have maintained conditioning and speed throughout the season. Just think of all the players still training on the bike all summer that you'll be blowing by after a summer of proper training.

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