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Thread: first meet not the best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by syrus2001 View Post
    I also tend to see these as classic periodization vs vertical integration styles. Athlete 1 has been doing repeat 200s at 27s for a few month. Athlete 2 has been following a CFTS type of design, so speed year round. When it comes time for their first race, Athlete 1 has either not even begun speed training or has just started. Athlete 2 has been doing it for a few months now. They run the same time. Athlete 1 is fully fresh in terms of speed training and is running on his natural talent. Athlete 2 is loaded with 600m of speed the same week he ran his opener. Come competition period, athlete 1 is in full swing of speed training and athlete 2 is maintaining and unloading, following 10 day tapers ect.. Athlete 1's performances stay the same or worsen under the fatigue effects of speed training while Athlete 2's performances soar due to freshness and dminished fatigue. Even with a taper, Athlete 1's performances improvements are tiny compared to Athlete 2, who has been loading speed for months compared to the relatively small training load of the classic periodization scheme of Athlete 1.
    You are probably right, but I think that the elements which influence the season trend are much more than the type of periodization. For example my coach uses a classical periodization. In 2008 season, started the 1st of May, I ran my PB only in the last race, on July 11 on a very good track (wind + 0.5). In 2009 I ran my PB on the 1st of May, on an awful track (wind +0.0) and never improved anymore. Honestly, I never understood what causes the variation of my performance, in training and in race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fogelson View Post
    I have noticed the complete opposite. Most people who do speed based programs run close to their best early on (assuming adequate form), while people who have done no speed work routinely drop tons of time simply via a training effect generated by getting the meets in.
    Prob correct, though the L-to-S program runs a higher injury risk in the early season. Also remember the "x-factor". The season's legal best time is, for most people, around.2 faster than their in-season legal average. That occurs when the conditions are perfect (which is hard to predict in advance).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris6878 View Post
    I agree. Run fast when it counts. I have dropped from 11.39 to 10.48 in one season.
    What kind of training did you do to get that? Is it in the training logs section?

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    Yea. Mostly charlies stuff. I generally always run slow at the beginning then drop my times as the season continues.

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    You guys did CF stuff at FAMU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Football28 View Post
    You guys did CF stuff at FAMU?
    lol hell naw. I think they messed up my career. I came in running 10.6 and only ran 10.8 in college. We ran 500's and 300's till the week before the conference championships. We did pure speed work once a week if any. No weight lifting program, I was a body builder. I lifted for looks not function. Coach would punish us with 500's. I had great endurance. I dropped a 21.3. I didnt learn about true sprinting until I stumbled onto this website. I didnt even know what dorsiflexon was. Thank GOd for CF. lol

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