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Thread: Fatty acids

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    David W,

    Aswell as the brand, when did you take them?

    With meals (which ones)?
    between meals?

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    That's very true Flash, I also read (I think from JB) the uptake of oils from capsules is very poor, but maybe capsules is better than no fish!

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    i have 6 tabs with my two protein/fat meals. The're just cheap Holland and Barrett.

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    do you worry about qty of fat soluable Vits A & D present in fish oils?

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    Kevin and Friends...

    My oil past the test this morning.......

    Dr. Sears will be speaking live at 7:11 am on KISS 108 in Boston. Let me try to call in ...wouldn't that be cool.

    A third party company tests the products and they are more then willing to let you watch....comments kevin? What do you use and how do you know it is legit? I have a third party company plus a national biochemist testing the supplements I use...

    I am loyal to honesty...let's confront this and see if Sears is pulling a fast one. Testing products is very expensive and I can only ask people that do this as a favor....

    Kevin why don't you sue searslabs? This could cripple the company if he is selling dog crap.

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    gf: Should !?

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    OD's of Vit.s D and A are regarded as toxic and supposedly easy to achieve

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    I don't have exact numbers but excessive amounts of fat soluable Vitamins A & D may be harmful. I don't know if you are even approaching that level with your suplementation of fish oils. Others may be able to fill in the blanks.

    Other oils are, such as Flax Seed Oil, are suitable alternatives. I often alternate the use of various oils which I presume is an effective solution.

    Clemson, Others?

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    gf - I think vitamin A & D toxicity is only an issue when taking cod liver oil, which David isn't taking.

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    Thanks Don. When I read 'Fish Oil', I incorrectly assumed 'Cod Liver Oil'...

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