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Thread: GPP Speed Work?

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    GPP Speed Work?

    I'm coming up to the end of the GPP phase, and that means I will be starting some GPP track stuff.

    This what I got from the GPP video, on week 5 for Wednesday:

    6x10m flat on ground
    6x10m from the push-up position
    6x20m from the high start
    1 set 4x20m easy, 20m fast, 20m easy
    1x50m from highstart
    (accel 20+maintain)

    Total Volume 650m

    My question, is what is the rest times between reps and sets in this? The only thing I would say to keep in mind is that amount of reps and sets, a realistic time? Anyone know good rest times for this.

    Would a walk back, and 45 seconds between reps be ok? Then have 3 minutes between sets be good?

    Remember, I cant be doing this all day, because I have other training parts to do, among other things.

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    Rest 1 minute for every 10 meters traveled. You can rest a bit more between sets if needed.

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    Or, if too busy as you say, reduce volume...
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