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Thread: GPP Circuit Weights

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc0710
    If you are tall there are probably 2 things you need to work on:

    Torso Strength

    The first will be torso (core) strength. You will probably find this area harder to develop because of longer levers but it will be worth it in the long run because once you have it covered you will have a mechanical advantage (I think CF touches on this in the Jane Project DVD).

    Strength through full ROM

    Secondly, you will probably need a little more hypertrophy work to start with. Spend this time getting strong throught the entire ROM in all lifts with slightly higher rep ranges. I have found tall people usually sacrifice ROM as they aim to compete with shorter athletes in terms of the weight used for exercises. In this case I simply give them 2 or so more reps to complete and stop them early when thier form deteriorates.

    As a general rule tall people may find they can't handle as much weight in squats because of the increased moments but usuaully love deadlifts. In this case work on deadlift form initially and deadlift to shrug transitions (as if you were going to perform cleans/snatch) but be careful not to fatigue yourself too much (these transitions are explained on the Speed and Strength DVD). Once you have mastered this you can use high pulls from blocks or a hang as your major power exercise (no real need to do the catch if you find your height makes this difficult).

    If you have no coaching help on the Olympic lifts (and don't want to injure yourself) try and keep the deadlifts but use med ball work for power. Once you have enough strength to get that ball moving fast you will be able to display serious power! Try overhead med ball tosses, straight up tosses (like you are cleaning the med ball from between your legs) and the acceleration med ball drills on the GPP DVD.

    Remember first strength then power. If you don't think your power is increasing go back to strength work for a few weeks and come back to the power and retest your improvement.


    p.s. I'd be interested to hear from those coaches with experience conditioning Basketball players on thier experiences with taller athletes.
    Thanks for the reply.

    What exercises do you think I should use for torso strength?

    Also, somebody told me not to sprint when I was training low intensity, higher volume (8-10rep). I accelerated curiously and felt my hamstring pull. Why did my hamstring pull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycjay01

    If you dont mind doing so, could you list some info about yourself and your training?
    Weight training 5 years. Mix of bodybuilding & powerlifting.

    6ft3, current weight near 190lbs, will go up again with bulking.

    I don't like to mention career goals on forum. I'm not 100% on what I want to do yet (suddenly qutting/switching sports would make people think I'm a ''troll''). Although, I still follow Charlie's advice because it's applicable to everything.

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