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Thread: What should one do about Plyometrics Phase 1?

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    What should one do about Plyometrics Phase 1?

    In the plyometrics, phase 1, the objective is to go up with little impact. In the demonstrations, they had a lady throw a ball, then fall onto a HJ mat. Then in another one, they had a guy jumping off a plyo box, and into a mat. The problem for me is, I don't have a HJ mat avaliable. What should one do about that? I tried to do the jumps off the box, but I only have one plyo box, and did those jumps onto the ground. I noticed why a pad is there for the landing. I don't have a mat, don't have a large trampoline, don't have anything to reduce the impact. What should one do, just keep doing the jumps, and try to reduce the impact on the ground as much as possible? Also, I can't do the throwing the ball into the mat thing. Tried it once, and falling onto the ground I don't think is a great idea. Should I just substitute that jump with a squat jump with a med ball? Any information, quick, would be great, since I am training currently, and would like to fix this problem before Wed.

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    Phase 1 Jumps should involve a large degree of knee bend. If you don't have mats then don't do those exercises you describe. Stick to jumping up onto a box only and med ball accelerations (where you throw the ball and run after it). The Forum Review Ebook 02 has graphs at the end of it showing the phases and what plyos you should be doing.


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    Plyos upwards on a grassy incline might be another choice...
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    I use a lot of incline bounding and jumps on a soft surface, i.e. alternate bounding, two legged hops etc. The soft incline reduces the stress of the jumps quite a bit. Another options are jumps onto a box and jumps in stairs.

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