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Thread: Help me lose TEN pounds

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    Typical diet includes:


    Breakfast: 6:30am
    Kashi Go Lean cereal (15 grams of protein)
    2 slices of whole wheat toast with strawberry jelly
    Big glass of skim milk
    Small glass of OJ

    Snack: 10:00am-10:30am eggwhite (2) on whole wheat toast

    Footlong sub (subway or mr sub)
    Usually turkey with whole wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, mustard and green pepper

    large chicken breast or 3/4 pound of rainbow trout or salmon, fresh cooked veggies (beans, broccoli, carrots etc) sometimes a pasta or stirfry

    After dinner snacks
    I tend to eat a lot of cereal at night. Sometimes 2-3 bowls LOL! Also some fruit occasionally as well.
    You could easily change it up to suit you. Here's what I'd do without going too overboard. Days 1-3 eat like this:

    Meal #1
    Kashi (same)
    1 cup cottage cheese
    6 egg whites + 1 yolk
    1 cup Hoods low carb milk

    Snack: Same

    Large salad - vinegrette dressing
    Chicken breast, fish, or beef (6-8 ounces)
    fibrous vegetable 1 cup

    Keep it the same but stick with 1-2 cups fibrous veggies rather then pasta, bread etc.

    Late night snack:
    sugar free pudding or jello
    1.5 cups Cottage cheese
    splenda (or something similar)

    Every 4th day go ahead and eat the way you normally would and go ahead and have some junk...on these days emphasize the carbs for glycogen replensihment.

    It shouldn't be too difficult and you oughta reach your goal in a couple of months.

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    great thanks for the info!


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    Re: Help me lose TEN pounds

    Hi Chris,
    Your diet and workout schedule seems fine to me. Do increase water intake, drink green tea after every meal and avoid beverages, soda and even diet soda.

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    Re: Help me lose TEN pounds

    Darrel you realize this thread is 7 years old?

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    Re: Help me lose TEN pounds

    This made me laugh.
    thank you for that.

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    Re: Help me lose TEN pounds

    Chris30, did you lose the 10 pounds???

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    Re: Help me lose TEN pounds

    Lmao! Yea did u?

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