yes trying to get the picture you see in your mind as the task is often hard to get materialized in others.Many never will have the ability to see what we see.I cannot see the game of football open up as say a great quarterback,and others cannot see the swing as I have found it from so many years looking at it from different angles.I was watching a hs kid just smoking the ball in bp far more than all others and the coach said he sure has quick hands and I told him to watch the shoulder rotation compared to the others and the back shoulder drive thru last half of swing releasing barrel and he said what does that matter,go figure,I am just glad to see and here some buzz words starting to float around on ML hitters comments and commentators using torque and rotation now after I was preaching it on death ears 8 years ago.The problem with commentators is they have just heard words or phrases and use them out of context at times on TV.