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my point is that sometimes, some references are not very meaningful. I really appreciate your insights, but I feel that in this case some reported sentences did not make a lot of sense. For example, what does "This frequency will cause the formation of certain genes" mean?
Maybe, this frequency will cause the expression of certain genes? Because formation of certain genes seems a little bit adventurous.

And what "As a result the proteins generated during training will respond to stimuli during competition in the same manner" means?

Maybe it is the translation, but biologically it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

And no, I did not read anything written by the authors you cite, but I was discussing the extracts reported here.
I'm sure they will be interesting reads.
Get them books,read,and those bits and pieces will make more sense.
If even then they may not make a lot of sense biologically speaking, they still do not seem too arcane when applied to the training world,really,beyond every read,or lack of such.At least in the basic,LOGICAL sense.