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Thread: Milk????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron_F
    Lets critque the information provided by one of the sites mentioned above

    the dairy industry does not allow antibiotics into the milk siupply. hard to make cultured dairy products when all of the cultures get killed by antibiotics
    And what does rBGH do in humans? how do they make it orally absorbable? pharmaceutical companies cannot...
    so? are they saying if you are lactose intolerant that you have to drink it? either way there are lactose free products, or stuff like yogurt and cheeses which have minute amounts of lactose anyway... most lactose intolerant can handle a glass of milk per day anyway...

    Claims are easy. Do a quick pubmed search for milk and homogenization and oxidation, and/or cholesterol oxidation to see how many that popup.
    Damn people do some research on osteoporosis. While it is a massively multifactorial disease and bone mineral content is only one factor of the complete picture, America has a lot of problems with osteoporosis, but the type of comment above is based upon gross availability of dairy products, NOT actual dietary intake, complete difference...
    America are also amongst the laziest and fattest nation on the planet

    The people who like to use this comment are quick to point out asian countries have a low rate of osteoporosis and low dairy, however there is vast problems with the assumptions. China, which is one of hte naturally lowest consumers of dairy also have a massive osteoporosis problem, however accurate reporting from china is for the most part a pipe dream, although they are providing far greater estimates of rates within the last few years, by 2050 asia will account for the vast majority of osteoporosis in the world (WHO report).
    ya think

    who would pay for it if not for the companies suppling it? would PETA fund dairy advertising?

    except that its pretty well absorbed phosphorus or not.
    Soy is also a great allergen, as is peanuts and basically any protien food source on the planet... didums. full of sugar, so? asides from the nutters like Seagull (segalll?) this is not an issue.
    ?? not as well absorbed in the absense of fat?? lactose increases uptake, vitamin d can help uptake, but fat? evidence?
    No part of the beginning argument or your counter-argument has anything to do with RAW milk. Raw milk is very different from homogenized, pastuerized milk (explained in previous posts). It looks and tastes differently, and I personally notice a big difference in the way it behaves in my body.

    Can you explain why you don't agree with the raw milk crowd - who are a far cry from the "Not Milk" crowd?

    If you believe that commercial milk is a good product, I can't imagine how you could argue that the less processed, more natural version is no good - but I would like to read what your thoughts are.

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    Re: Milk????

    Hi TNT,
    Milk is great for health and helps in growth and making our teeth and bones strong. Milk prevent from diabetes, certain types of cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

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    Re: Milk????

    Get organic, unhomogonized whole milk from grass fed cows if you can find it at your local farmers market. This is the most nutrient dense milk. If you tolerate it well milk can be ok. If not, try to avoid it, theres way better foods out there.

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    Re: Milk????

    Part 1-
    Part 2-
    Part 3-

    just to pick up where syrus2001 left off regarding the 'paleo/ever evolving/questioning nature' regarding our food/sustenance services, here are some more videos from underground wellness channel.

    Goat milk seems better for my baby boy(17months) since we've switched him off homogenized. When consuming homogenized he'd be seeming to have sad nightmarish cries at night, possibly from the effects of the heroin like protein being absorbed through the digestive lining into the blood stream and finally to the brain. With the goat milk he is now consuming less volume of milk daily(24-32 oz.) while eating more, rather than the 40-48 oz which he'd previously consumed while eating minimally.

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