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Thread: Start High Jumping

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    Start High Jumping

    hey im beginning to consider doing high jump. I've never done it before and was wondering where should i start. here are my stats:

    Long Jump: 19'6"
    Triple Jump: 35' 2"
    Standing Vert: 30"
    Running Vert: 38"

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 155lb

    I know that there is more to high jump than having a killer vert. We dont have a high jump coach so if i want to do it i need to train myself. Can someone help me?

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    I am just start high jump as well, and it is a lot harder then it looks. Our numbers are practically the same, as I am 5'10, 157 and have a 32 inch standing vertical.

    I dont really have anyone that knows what they are doing either, and it makes it extremely hard. I was going off my left foot for 2 weeks, but realized today i get much higher off right foot. It is 100% technical, so I will be interested to see the responses in this thread.

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