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Thread: hardcopies

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    are there any ways to get hard copies of charlies books?

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    If you can find one at a used book dealer (good luck with that, the only one I've found is Speed Trap) or if a library has one I think it would definetly be worth it to steal the book (not that I condone such actions). Finally, if you buy the e-book you can just go get it printed and bound at Kinkos or similar type stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockysprinter
    are there any ways to get hard copies of charlies books?
    They occassionally come up on ebay.

    I'm lucky - I have both copies in hardback.

    Two prized books

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    the book training for speed was available at
    i think it still is.

    great book.

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    I got my "Training For Speed" off of oztrack and I got my used copy of "Speedtrap" on amazon. Check amazon frequently. You may have to pay 30-50$ but its well worth it.

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    alright, is there any reason charlie doesnt sell them here?

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    If you are interested in print editions of our products please get in touch with me. Email '" subject "hardcopy request" and i'll see what i can do.

    Thank you

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    And no stealing library copies.

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    Thats right! Stealing is so bourgeois!

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    Please don't steal the copy of Training For Speed at the UNC library in Chapel Hill. I put in a request for the book when I was a student there. It took the library 9 months to complete the order from Faccioni Publishing; out of Australia, if I remember correctly. The team's sprinters could probably use the information, judging from their usual placing in the ACC.

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