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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.sprint
    I have been searching a while for the mancake thread. I was wondering if anyone could help me find the thread where Charlie comments on glycemic drinks post-workout. He kind of takes a stab at Berardi.

    I was wondering... If we wanted to burn some fat, wouldn't we NOT want to take a glycemic drink because our body would burn the drink off instead of burning the extra fat stored in our body to make sugar to be used by the body. So if we are giving our body glycemic drinks it would use that for fuel instead of the stored fat in our bodies in other words.

    Either way I was wondering if we could get some conversation on glycemic drinks. I was wondering what Charlie's stance is on them? I know in another thread he said take LIV with a high glucose drink. Which one do you recommend. I know for years experts have recommended this.

    I'd use hi GI LIV type drinks only after very intense workouts and i wouldn't encourage big blood sugar swings routinely.

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    Ok, good answer.

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