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    For those that are interested I will post more recipes that I have been making. For instance charlie posted long ago about dunkin donuts being filled with creatine jelly (remember the grape juice transport fad 8 years ago?). well clemson got crazy again and made a "double trouble" donut laced with cytofuse frosting and creatine. The post workout poppers and puddings are fantastic! Thanks XCELL!

    I miss Rupert! Are you still in Virginia? Watch out for Tim Lane and I have been destroying slivio!

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    im interested in ur recipes clemson. mind sharing some??

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    Post 'em, por favor

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    here is something ive been eating consistently eating and have been loving!
    everything i need for recovery.

    1 cup ff cottage cheese
    1/2 cup organic ff yogurt
    small handful of mixed berries (or pinnapple)
    drizzle coconut milk over top to taste ( i use about 1-2 tablespoons)
    sprinkle cinnamon on top

    exact ratios are subject to taste and preference, but this is what i like.
    i work late nights and when i come home i need something easy! and oh yeah, it contains some of the best food sources you can have.
    try it and let us know what you think.

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    Clemson: I think a repost of your power cheesecake may be in order! Guys, it is EXTREMELY tastey and easy to take down. This is what got me through the first practice during conditioning and 3-a-days:

    D's Cheesecake (Nightmare's Super wife)

    STEP ONE: Thin layer of honey and real granola and cinamon on a round cake tray.

    This layer provides the fuel for the first part of the day and is caloric dense.

    STEP TWO: Slice strawberries or mash blueberries into very low fat cottage cheese after you mixed in vanilla grow. Spread 2-3 inches thick on the pan.

    This layer provides slow acting protein with high levels of anti-oxidants with low GI carbs. Make sure you frost it overnight int the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge. rotate the process every day to keep the food ready.

    STEP THREE: ADD walnuts or other healthy nuts (sprinkly half a handfull or less for healthy fats and for flavor say 3-5 grams to make it a P and C meal).

    This helps with keeping your hunger pangs away.

    STEP FOUR: EAT and destroy.

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    Throw some cinnamon and coconut oil on anything and it will taste good.

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    Anyone else? I am real interested in some good quick snacks or meals to cook..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blinky
    Throw some cinnamon and coconut oil on anything and it will taste good.
    Is coconut oil supposed to taste good? Or is it that it tastes good mixed with cinnamon?

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    What are the benefits of consuming cinnamon? This has probably been covered in the past.. Anyone wanna give me a brief sum of when/why to eat it?

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    Coconut oil tastes good on its own.. It's a fat, and fats taste great. Make sure to get the "virgin" or "unrefined" kind.

    Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels. Do a search and you will see some posts on it.

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