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Thread: Recipes for Smoothies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clemson
    Only for the superlean....

    Two tablespoons of fat with insulin spiking maltodextrin and milk sounds like a gut to many in a few years. For those wanting to see their penis after 5 years I suggest eliminating fat from it and using this PWO!

    A few questions,

    In your articles you state that milk is very ?insulinogenic? "food for growth". Is there any room for milk PW since so much insulin is released by the body? Doesn't milk contain a lot of slow proteins which would slow down the recovery process? And also how much and when could it be used after workouts?

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    My favorite from my XC days, still use it sometimes (despite it sounding gross):

    3 scoops grow
    2 lightly poached eggs
    half scoop vanilla ice cream
    lemon juice (little bit)
    celery juice
    orange juice

    the celery, and orange juice fill out the rest of the volume. Despite how it looks, it tastes great

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    I just mixed this one up, tastes pretty good and is filling.

    1 cup milk
    1 cup orange juice
    1-2 scoops Chocolate Low-Carb Grow!
    5-6 Strawberries
    3-4 Ice Cubes
    1/2 Cup Dry Oats
    Dash of Cinnamon

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    WR how do you keep the milk in it from getting icky? WHen put milk in the smoothie (above) with oj, it get weird,

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    It blended up good for me.. I just used 2% milk. I did use a blender though so maybe thats why it was weird mixing all that stuff together if you were using a shaker or spoon.

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    I've done quite a bit of experimenting with smoothies, so here's a few of my hints...

    1) If using frozen yogurt, try and even things out with an equal amount of normal yogurt
    2) Unless you have a "Magic Bullet" stay FAR away from apples
    3) When it comes to fresh fruits, the softer the better...Bananas are gold, Kiwis and Mangoes are also great, and almost all berries.
    4) Frozen assorted berries can be bought in bulk and are quite inexpensive, and cost efficient!
    5) My basketball coach informed me that frozen yogurt, bananas and honey is a great remedy for hangovers
    6) The best juice to use is fruit and veggie mix, or else frozen juice mix, which is really refreshing
    7) If you have a really good blender (ie. "Magic Bullet") feel freee to use lots of veggies because the taste of the fruit completely overpowers it, and also flax seed is great as long as you can get it ground up well enough!

    Hope this helps!


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    Here's what I normally have, and it's not based on taste..

    1/2 a cucumber
    1 tomatoe
    1 banana
    1 nectarine
    2 tsp Total EFA
    2 tsp Hempseed oil
    3 tsp Virgin Coconut oil

    mmm... oil

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