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Thread: Are good products?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorien
    No32 … (surge)... can you make a similar blend using whey and dextrose? How much dextrose (if any) or will/must any other sugar be incorporated?
    Covered partly in this thread. which i had forgotten about. I was going to find some info on the amount of carbohydrates one can effectively digest and/or the limit of amalyse production.

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    Thanks no23 (missed your post somehow) and Ironhead66! Well, just to let you know; here’s the formula I cooked up:

    Whey: Expensive stuff but I have 3kg:s of it – so I better use it then. And besides, it has some good macro- and micro fraction divisions that are kept rather intact during process (BiPro™):
    • Beeta-laktoglobuline 50-55 %
    • Alfa-laktalbumine 20-25 %
    • Immunoglobuline 10-15 %
    • Seerumalbumine (BSA) 5-10 %
    • Laktoferrine (LF) 1-2 %
    • Laktoperoxidase (LP) 0,5 %
    • Glykomakropeptides (GMP) 2-5 %
    • Lysozyyme 0,1 %
    Carbs: Dextrose and maltosdextrine 1:1
    BCAA: As long as there is plenty of leucine.

    I’ll mix it as you said, I gather its something like carbs 0,8 x bodyweight (1:1 dextrose and maltosdextrine), whey 0,4 x bw (Berardi). BCAAs are taken pre/during training.

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