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Thread: 400M IH training

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    Thanks PJ. Her TD at H5 is 26.7s. McFarlane's TD charts show this to be on pace with a 60.0 performance (assuming the 2nd half is good, of course). I believe she's out too quick as we're targetting a 61-62 right now.

    Are your findings consistent with McFarlane's TD charts?

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    Yes 26.7 is a typical TD for a 60sec performance.
    Is she doing this 26.7 with 16 or 17 strides btw hurdles?

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    17 strides PJ. One race she ran 16 between H4 and H5 with a bit of a tailwind, but other than that it's been 17. The desire to run 16 stems from the fact that she's needing to reduce length on strides 13-17 to get that many in. Even when we stress running comfortably with a different rhtyhm so as to distribute the SL reduction over the entire 35m, it still ends up being too close. However 16 seems a bit too far...

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