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Thread: 1/2 Squat or parallel?

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    1/2 Squat or parallel?

    Charlie, in the strength training portion of the CFTS you refer to 1/2 squats in examples of 5 of your sprinters. Is the 1/2 squat the same as going parrallel? Do you still believe it is an appropriate depth? Are there any other changes of note as I am not quite sure when the CFTS was written?
    It is a great purchase and great read!


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    I cant remember if he considers half squat hamstrings or quads parallel....i think its hamstring as charlie said before he used the half squats not because they provide a distrinct advantage but because Ben had suffered a knee injury, you best bet would be full squats and box squats with bands....

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    Ben did quarter squats after he was injured. Half squats were the norm.


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    Sorry, my fault, with all the info ive been trying to take up its hard to remember haha

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