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    I've seen great results using underload/overload training for movements like swinging and throwing, but from what I've read under/overload training does not seem like a good idea for sprinting.

    Can someone explain why this is?

    The argument I hear most is that it throws off running mechanics, but how is it different from throwing a ball or swinging a club/bat?

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    I've seen great results using underload/overload training for movements like swinging and throwing
    I dont think this is always the case. For instance when using a heavier shot put the hips tend to turn before the arms turn which reduces the momentum of the shot on release. Other then altered hip & trunk mechanics the speed across the circle is reduced due to the increased load.

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    I don't think throwers usually go so heavy that their mechanics are dramatically effected. If small increases in weights are used then there will be little or no negative effect. Infact Jav throwers often perform winter sessions with 1kg javs.

    The reason it differs from sprinting is the eccentic load taken in the support phase.

    Try this experiment: Perform a verticle jump without a load and note how the various elements feel. Now perform it with a slightly weighted vest.
    There is relatively little difference in the feel of the push, however you sink substantially more upon landing with the vest.

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    Ian Davis

    I believe in over/underload and I would incorporate it. I think you and I both know the results of hard work but remember the 30% rule but I wouldn't go that far at first.

    In Faith,
    Ian Davis

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    Variability of workload is a basic principle of training advancement BUT great care must be taken with speed related events not to "shock" the system.

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