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Thread: Hurdle Training

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    My original statement was incorrect, there fore I have deleted it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relentless View Post
    Jean Poquette didn't invent that drill. Wilbur Ross invented it long before Poquette coached Renaldo N. He used it with Elis Gilbert and Fran Washington at Winton Salem.
    What drill?

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    My original statement was incorrect so I have deleted it.

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    My original statement was incorrect so I have deleted it.

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    I am not going to be competing in any hurdle races this summer. I am a 110 hurdler. My PR is 14.598, and I'm gonna be a walkon in the fall. I am 6" 190 pounds. I have lifted weights a lot in the past. Best lifts are 335 bench and 425 squat for 3x6. Last track season in high school, our team trained with a lot of long distance running, little to no speed work but I got a lot of reps over the hurdles on my own.How should I train during the summer months to prepare for college track?

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    By the way, the distance running was against my will. I hated it but was required to do it. Any suggestions on how to train until August when practice starts for college?

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