Guess i need to start one. I usually just remember what i did in my head , but i guess it is good to see progression written down.

Mon 7/28/03
warm up
2 x 50 meter strides
2 x 30 meter relaxed starts
2 X 30 meter runs for time no blocks. 3.94 and 3.95
2 x 30 meter blocks ( had no one to time me)
1 X 40 meters. wanted to also do a 50 but the blocks kept moving.
1 X 120 in 12.75 felt good but i think i could use more knee lift

Plyo's 2 sets of broad jumps into sand pit. 3 jumps per set.
8 40 inch box jumps

weight room
dead lift= 5X 225, 4X275, 3X315, 2X365, 1X405 ( should not have done last set)
Push press=8X95, 6X115, 4X135
Stiff leg deads 6X95, 5x135, 4X155
Arnold press 3sets of 6 reps with 55 pounds
reverse leg press 3 sets of 190 X6 on each leg
sit ups cool down and stretch.

Tuesday 7/29 rest

wed 7/30
warm up
2X 50 strides
3x 30 relaxed starts
4 x 30 blocks in 3.88, 4.03, 3.87, 3.86
1st 30 i stumbled out of blocks, 2nd 30 took only 2 mins rest ( bad move) 3rd felt good, 4th felt better
2 X 150 meter 15.8 and 16.4. I think i could have ran faster than that but the burger king i had started to get me.
wanted to do plyos and go to weight room but i was tired as hell. cooled down did situps and went home.