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Mine? I’m not training for powerlifting. Last time I did was in 2012. I’m focussing on LJ and a bit of TJ now. Aim is to break the M35 Queensland (state) records before turning 40 in June. I surpassed the LJ record when I jumped 6.52m at world masters two years ago, but the wind was 2.3m/s. Have had too many injuries since then to get to this level again. Hopefully 2019 will be the year that things come together again. At least I know how to treat/prevent tendon issues now, which account for the majority of the problems I’ve had over the years.
Thought you were powerlifting from last year comments. I don't have any interest in track and field training until the spring another reason why I haven't been around much. All about powerlifting and putting up big numbers - increase my 3rm deadlift by 50lbs in the past month 2 days ago. Block pulls, pause deads, and def pulls are helping a ton.