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Thread: Fat loss

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    Fat loss

    I know this is a topic that's heavily discussed on this board, but I'm still very unclear about what I should be doing to reduce my body fat. I lost 3kg in 10 days or so. I was doing weights, and track work, and a bit of swimming to burn up the calories. With this in mind I assume it's fat that has been used up, because I have been developing muscle in the weights room, and also keeping myself well hydrated (so it can't be water loss). However, I seem to have plateaued at this weight. I'm eating carefully, or at least what I consider to be careful. How can I burn more fat and get past this stage?

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    Think about it on a hormonal leval. Your body's levals of growth hormone and testosterone greatly influance how much fat you wil burn over every 24HOUR period. In this respect, lots of short training sessions rather than several long sessions would be good at helping you stay in a more ideal hormonal leval for fat loss/muscle gain. Remnember that once your training session lasts longer than 40/45 minutes your levals of growth hormone and testosterone will deplete to eventually lower levals than even before the session began. If one of your training sessions requires 2.5 hours for example, then do 40mins, rest 30/35 mins, train 40mins, rest 30/35 mins, do another 40min session etc. till you've don all the training you need. The only problem with this style of training is it can just take up more time. It's nothing new either. Bulgarian weightlifters terminate their sessions after 45mins, then they'll usually rest 30mins then do another session. They may do between 4 and 8 of these sessions a day. Greek sprint champ Konstadinos Kederis will rest 30mins between each 200meter rep in training. just watch you don't get bored with this style though if you use it.

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    Don't make the fat levals of your nutrition program to low. You need a reasonable amount of fat in your nutrition to keep testosterone and growth hormone levals up. Better sources of fat include cooking oils, nuts, olives (even the odd chocolate once in a while!). Try to avoid egg yolks, the skin of poultry, and if you eat red meat, try to trim it.

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    OK. So instead of spending saying 1.5 hours in the gym, I do 2 45 min sessions instead? Thanks, I'll do my best to try and incorporate that principle into my training.

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    What is your typical diet as of now? Did you make sudden changes with the 3kg loss?

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    first of all the 3kg you lost in 10 days probably wasn't fat, almost all of it was most certainly water weight, and being well hydrated doesn't mean you cannot lose water, its actually quite the opposite. as goose says, you must eat fat, but stick to the "good" fats. the thing that everyone has failed to mention is, carbs are what make you fat. what kind of carbs are you eating? rule of thumb, stick to complex carbs, stay way from simple (except post workout). if you post your diet, i can go more into detail.

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    what i have done is front load my carbs ( i train first thing in the morning) pump in alot of carbs post workout (in the form of surge!!! recovery drink) then only veggiesplain slow cooked oats and some fruit until 3:00pm.

    john berardi has talked about combining either protein and carbs or protein and fat at your meals. and if you can to eat the pro/carb meals eariler in the day.

    ive gotten a bunch of u2u's in the past week asking how i get into "fight club" shape, and when i get a chance ill post the complete program in including all supplements and whole food.
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    Look forward to reading that.

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    At the moment I am trying hard to cut back on carbs, but it's not that easy, as they appear to be everywhere. A rough idea of what I eat is as follows:

    Protein shake and some sort of fruit for breakfast.

    Can of beans or possibly some eggs and some more fruit for lunch.

    Some form of meat (normally beef or chicken, and I trim all the visible fat off) with vegetables and/or salad and/or rice for dinner. (I may also have some more fruit as a form of desert)

    Later in the evening if I'm hungry I may have some fruit, or a museli bar, or I'm particularly hungry I may have a sandwich, putting some shaved slices of chicken in it.

    The thing I have cut back on mainly is soft drinks. I have maybe 2-3 cans of coke a week now, instead of a lot more (I wouldn't like to guess how many, but loads - I recently came from England to this warm climate in Australia, and I started drinking a lot of fluid in the form of coke). However, I'm not allowing myself chocolate, proper deserts, potato chips. I'm trying hard to eat sensibly etc. Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?

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