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Thread: Undertraining Vs Overtraining

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    Hi adonail,

    Thanks for your reply I appreciate it!

    I will give far more details tomorrow since I don't have enough time yet. Basically I was trying to give an example so like you said there could be some discussion but more detail is needed so I will sort that soon.

    Gymnastics as a mode of strength training is incredibly interesting. It mainly incorporates exercises that are lacking in leverage (that's mainly how strength is built since you are dealing with your bodyweight most of the time) and static holds (isometric) and when combined the results are staggering. It is often the case that gymnastics strength has a lot of carry over to other things such as weightlifting but it's almost never the other way round!

    With olympic lifting would I be right in saying that the high frequency and a limited number of exercises etc ellicts mainly CNS adaptions (synaptic facilitation). Gymnastics is slightly different as the frequency in a week is normally less (3-4 days) and each training day focuses on a different pulling, pressing, core and leg exercise (each training day is a full body workout) so that all planes are covered in a training week. For example horizontal pull, vertical press etc.

    Supersets with rest in between (I'll probably be using 2 mins rest) are advised as program design with static holds incorporated into this. I have read many other coaches advocate supersets with rest for strength development such as Charles Poliquin. Does Charlie Francis ever prescribe these?

    Sorry I'm brief but I will post more specifics tomorrow.


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    One interesting difference with gymnastics vs sprinting is in the incorporation of the strength. First the new level of strength must be incorporated into individual skills and then into a routine so the development of required strength levels is significantly removed from the competition period, requiring a long strength maintenance phase.

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