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Thread: World Championships USA west coast

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    Re: World Championships USA west coast

    I love the rain plus water heals and water is useful for recovery and training. I did walking lunges today in a body temperature pool for example.

    clever name.

    Let's start talking about predictions on the track.

    I have a few but let's see who might go first...

    What have I been up to?

    Who cares. LOL ( that's one answer)

    Sold the house that was in the family since 1948. WOW

    Saved myself some new head aches. NICE

    Smoked a cigar with JPF last evening and LOVED it. He's a chip off the parents without any doubt.

    Training is going well. Been doing hills and some strength training. Thinking of going to see Boyle or one of Poloquins people. When Mr Al V. gets back i will speak to him about who might be able to show me proper techniques for a few key lower body lifts.

    Been spending lots of time outside with early morning light.
    Lots of time with my mom as she's too cool for school but she has yet to fully realize that yet.
    I seem to have a thing for October birth people October 13th was my son's dad's birthday. Never used to think that was a thing but turns out the universe might not lie.
    Change might be good as long as it's in periodized volumes. Speaking of Tudor ( aka Father of Periodization who designed the bones of my first proper lifting ) I owe him a call. I did not know he wrote his first book in his 50's. He makes me laugh and he is one of the nicest man's and smartest men I have met.
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    Re: World Championships USA west coast

    How about the youngster who's setting the sprint world on fire in the 200m. Would like to know more about him but I've not asked Ben about him yet.

    Oh he's going to be fun to watch.

    And speaking of fun and the woman's 100m ( how the heck to I post a big grin and smile without emojis. Phil is ready to get the site back end updated but I'm the slow poke )

    hope everyone is training hard or hardly training and having fun. Otherwise. What's the point.

    Go get what you want. Get what you need. Be kind. Do onto your friends and enemies as you might like them to do onto you. ( sounds easy right? You don't need to be good at it yet........)

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