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Thread: Valeriy Borzov full trainings - from youth to elite

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    Re: Valeriy Borzov full trainings - from youth to elite

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    Back in 2002-2003 I would have Kate (who worked on many of CF’s clients) come to my place 1-2 times a week to work on me mainly to prevent any hamstring issues. She would always tell me that I’m ready, that it’s all in my head. I would pop in some training video and she would look to see what may need a little extra attention. Anyhow, she would always tell me stories about ppl she is working with. She never said they were working with CF but I knew. Big list of ppl of all ages in all sports.
    One day she mentioned that CF was in Hawaii for a week or so chillin. The next day, I read on yahoo that Tim and Marion are both there also. I thought to myself I wonder if....nah, couldn’t be lol. Boy was I wrong lol
    I was 31-32.

    That's really cool!

    Who else did she name?

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    Re: Valeriy Borzov full trainings - from youth to elite

    Only brought up Tim and Marion bc everyone knows about it already. Won’t say who the others are bc that’s none of my business.

    I would always pay her more than she asked for and/or gave her vouchers for the movies, etc. She would say that it’s not necessary. I told her if you have two ppl asking for your services and it’s at the same time, who are you likely to see if you can’t see both that day?
    Common sense? Maybe.
    Learned that on this site though.

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