Hi Angie hope all is well. I’m from "X Province in Y Country" and used to train with "ABC athlete who you knew" As a "Health Practitioner and Masters athlete and track coach" I continue to listen to podcasts and go to seminars related to T & F b/c I’m a fan of the sport. However, Stu Mcmillan is on his soapbox (again) opining that Charlie Francis’s reputation as a coach and innovator is actually greater than his “limited success with his athletes on the track.” Talk about bullshit.

Stu and other coaches on the T & F marketing roadshow constantly bash Charlie and his training methods. It’s almost to the point that some of them insinuate that Charlie’s methods have actually set sprint training back a generation.

Stu’s greatest sprinter was Andre Degrasse, who was already fast before he was coached by Stu. Stu never developed him. Andre suffered 2 hamstring tears over 2 years and fired Stu to train with Rana Reider. Heck, one of those hamstring tears happened at a training camp (supervised by Stu) just days before the world championships. How good a coach is that???