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I fully believe in the CF approach, but it is interesting to see how some people respond well to training on the other end of the spectrum. This is my first year not coaching in 10 years at the small college where I coached sprints. The new coaching staff is all about volume. Some of the athletes set PBs this year whereas other never matched last year's marks.

The kid I was proudest of last year went from 24.19/55.55 to 23.42/52.29 under me in a year. I was a little concerned at the beginning of this season as he wasn't running well under the new program. But he ended the season with marks of 22.99/51.09. The only true comparison would be to what I could have brought him down to with one more year of training, but I'd say he definitely had success under this more "old school" approach.
I remember uw-lacrosse bought in a s2l guy from texas years ago after Mark went to Wisconsin and the kids got worst... I think most of the failures were from the athletes not believing in the new training.