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Thread: Do you need SE for speed development

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    Re: Do you need SE for speed development

    And with the rhythm endurance work, flat speed endurance and possibly SE I work from 150m+ getting to those longer runs in a short to long is a long process: something I don't program until probably Feb. at the earliest depending of course on when the athlete started training for that year.

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    Re: Do you need SE for speed development

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    Hi there!

    Does anyone have any insights or experience regarding the question as to whether SE work is required to develop maxV? I'm currently only interested in LJ and 60m, so don't really need SE for my events. However, I'm wondering whether some SE work is required to maximise my maxV.

    I'm pondering this question because doing SE on the track is similar to going to failure with weights. If you never go to or near failure with weights you probably don't develop your full strength potential. Likewise, if you never go to a distance where you cannot maintain top speed anymore, will this prevent your body from receiving the required stimulus to maximise your speed potential?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and contributions,
    Limiting training to 60m and jumps and avoiding the lactic energy system won't elicit all the physiological responses to training, neuromuscular, metabolic, hormonal, anabolic responses etc.

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