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Thread: Wickets/Mini Hurdles

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    Re: Wickets/Mini Hurdles

    Simple.. Their screwing up strides. We all know every step is gonna be different. An then you place this mini hurdles with specific spacing, lets say 2ft or 3ft apart for example..
    But what if your tight that day, you step wrong, you stumble, etc.
    Your gonna overstride to reach it or your gonna break them or even worse.. 1 of my guys said when he was out at Altis he saw guys stumble & break plenty of them. He even used them & swears they slowed him down cause he's used to a set pattern, that was too short for him, then it was too long..
    & when I pointed this out everyone got their panties in a bunch.. I got like 1000 reasons why they should use them.
    I gave those up top, got nothing but crickets as a response

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    Re: Wickets/Mini Hurdles

    Quote Originally Posted by Highlander View Post
    Can someone explain the phenomenon behind using "Wickets, Mini Hurdles," whatever the heck you wanna call them!! I already know Charlie would say about this (Coach Angie answered this awhile ago).. It's like everybody thinks their a necessity for developing sprinters/speed
    I am not sure that wickets and performing mini hurdles will make or break a sprinter.

    I think we need to teach athletes and coaches to have some basic skills about what feels right for them. What feels correct for a coach might be different than what feels right for the athlete.

    Did you as a coach perform the drill you are teaching to athletes or did someone teach you that drill?

    If you are an athlete, do you have any reference points for that drill, does it feel good or does it feel awkward.

    How much success as an athlete and or coach did you have prior to making a more concrete plan or effort with method in your process of wanting to become faster?

    I was not the world champion in the 100m hurdles but I was close enough and hungry enough to learn and most importantly improve a great deal from where I started.

    There are so many factors that come into play for achieving your goals on the track and how you train is one of the biggest factors as well as where you get your information and why should you trust and or believe that information will change your life.

    I have done wickets and done mini hurdles but there are so many other factors that need to be prioritized LONG before performing wickets would even be thought of. As far as I am concerned the distraction of gimmicks are endless and take time and energy away from the discipline and hard work of getting fit and learning to take time for the process and journey of becoming a great athlete.

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