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Stop judging yourself so harshly.

Screw what everyone else thinks and go define your self and your life as you wish it to be.

Dima is Angie Issajenko's son. He is the runner for George who is legally blind. George ran a few Canadian records this summer at the world Championships in London with Dima running right along side him.

George is an amazing kid. He has a girlfriend also blind, sings and records his music and lives a full, active life unlike most people who don't have physical or mental health issues.

George was pissed off this summer as he knows he can be faster and wants to train harder and improve.

You have what sounds to be excellent self introspection and you are not interested in giving up. Keep at and don't let go what you want.
Thank you, I always have strong feelings about many things, and I always question why I feel certain way. The reason I want to be athletic so badly is because growing up many have unfortunately told me to give up because I'm just not so talented, and really severely damaged my self esteem at young age as my personality is being developed.

I know I was always that rebellious kid that would want to do something more whenever told not to do.

I thank you for your encouragement even though I'm not doing something that would be seen by most as a smart thing to do; to pursue athletic excellence, even beyond what most people expect out of someone of my level of talent.