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8-12yrs old:

1: A different sport for each season - fall/winter/spring/summer...

2: Exercise intensity bodyweight up to 10% max. Don't be in a rush to add resistance.

3: Don't forget these skills at this stage - gymnastics, tumbling, martial arts, bw/mb drills.

4: Training freq 2-3 times a week, 30-90mins max.

1: Primary strength training will be bw/mb drills.

2: Primary jump training: Jump rope, box jumps, jumping up stairs, pogo jumps and other low intensity jumps/jump circuits. This is a great time to get "good feet" (agility ladders, dot drills, different low intensity hopping etc)

3: Primary speed work: will be there sport or other games and relays. No drills or serious speed work until they are strong enough to get in proper position.

4: General fitness: Mb core, mb tempo, running tempo, games etc. Tempo runs are kept to around 15-30yds.

Typical week may look like this:

Explosive mb and jumps
Strength training
Mb tempo

Before he can progress to the next level of training:

1: Mb ball tempo 2-4lbs - 600 throws run 30yds btw each throw for 3 sets
2: Pass the bw strength circuit 5 trips - 10 exercises.

Great plan. I basically do the above except I have introduced speed work and don't do any tempo running at the moment. We have progressed from 10y - 50y in speed work and I will probably cap it there for a year or so. Using efe, fef, flys, manipulating rest periods and rep distances to avoid plateaus.

We intersperse jumps and throws before sets of runs.

He raced his older friend today and they were step for step to 20. Was pleased with that. Was their idea.

The session started as:

Positional drills 8-10x510y. Basically all out in sport moves like shuffle shuffle sprint, crossover and sprint, drop step or back pedal and sprint. Credit to james Smith here.
Linear sprints: planned 2x30,40,50......................ended up 30,40,50; 2x40 fly; 1x20y race and hold to 50. The full acceleration seems to wreck them at the moment so I moved to flys and tried to instill the fact that relaxation is the key to fast speed. My son has made tremendous technical strides I believe from watching me demonstrate, coaching me during my reps, and watching elites.

I may ramp up the tempo stuff when basketball gets close. Or I may just let warmups cover the cardio part of basketball and keep rolling with the plan.