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Thread: My Masters Training

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    Re: My Masters Training

    well that absolutely sucked!

    I pulled my hamstring doing a tempo session on the Thursday after the indoor race, so 3months ago!

    Ive been struggling since in recovering the injury (guess old age really does blow!) I managed to somehow pull both hamstrings to different degrees. I had to pull out of the world indoors, which I watched at home online and saw that I could have won it! ah well we keep going.

    I have been able to keep fit and run just not sprint, but now im at that turning point again, im 10 weeks away from the European masters in Denmark so that's my focus now to get back in time and be able to get some good solid runs before hand.

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    Re: My Masters Training

    This week has finally seen some breakthrough of injuries.

    Monday managed a good weights session (complex)
    Tuesday 3-150 (3min rec) times mid 18. then 150-250-350 (4 min rec) 18-33-bailed lol was knackered
    Wed another good weights session
    Thursday block work 3-20 3-30 felt really good on these was prob about a tenth maybe 2 off my 10.9 runners (so hopefully I can be currently around 11.3/4)

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    Re: My Masters Training

    opened up my outdoor season this weekend after the 3 months of torture

    23.2 200m
    and a 51.1 relay split (had to slow down in the home straight as leg became tight, not really an issue just the remnants of the injury tbh

    During last week on Tuesday I managed a couple of 30m flies in 3.03 each time (could have done a quicker one I think but a guy was running with pulled up and shouted put me off )

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    Re: My Masters Training

    Great times....

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    Re: My Masters Training

    Thanks RB

    Been a strange week, decided to race again on wed in a local open, so tue was just a warm up

    Race was into minor head wind and slight drizzle 23.31
    Wasn't too happy with that race, trained Thursday with some FEFEF runs

    Sunday (yesterday) another 200, 22.78

    I have British masters champs in 2 weeks, only doing the 400 so that will be my opening 400 of the season

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    Re: My Masters Training

    Why FEFEF runs in comp season?

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    Re: My Masters Training

    I've been injured for 3 months so in need of some speed development. My European masters champs are in 7 weeks

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    Re: My Masters Training

    had a big week so far, but feeling really good

    Tuesday, 2-250 (10min rec) 4-60m (5 min rec)
    30.1 30.9 / 7.3 7.2 7.2 7.4

    Wed some good weights and plyos, 160 squat for example

    Split 400 followed by some sprints
    23.5 25.4 =48.9

    I know IM not capable of running 48 or possibly even 49 right now but its still nice to see lol

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    Re: My Masters Training

    Finally had my 1st 400m of the year at the British Masters Champs! I won not fast but I will take it.

    50.93 with a terrible wind down the back straight which was sheltered by the stadium in the home straight the guys behind me all ran about a second slower then they have been.

    I need to run sub 50 to make it competitive for the European Masters Champs in exactly 5 weeks.

    I do feel as though the speed is coming on though, last Thursday did 2-150m 10min rec in 16.7 / 16.5 these of course timed by my regular time keeper who is an official timekeeper

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    Re: My Masters Training

    How many more races will you run before the Champs?

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