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Thread: RB34 Training Journal

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    Re: RB34 Training Journal

    Anyone else out there, please keep us posted. Lots of former members here have Athletes now as Coaches and Agents, etc or Track and Field. Great to see.

    Sorry for posting here RB but your thread appears to be very popular. In a couple of years from today....1 Million views.

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    Re: RB34 Training Journal

    Friday: EMS/pulse mode 15mins each

    Saturday: 40/5/16
    Warmup BJ
    2x20 (blk)
    ohb x5
    Stiffness jumps 2x8

    Didn't feel great until I got to the stiffness jumps. The best the stiffness jumps felt in a long time..

    (set BJ) Jog-Skip 400m; Static Flexibility Series; Dynamic flexibility B 1x12
    Sprint drills A 1x20; Buildup 2x30

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    Re: RB34 Training Journal

    Hey RB,

    How goes the battle and the ups and the downs?

    Hope you are well and hanging in and taking it easy or maintaining or celebrating your wins.

    Good luck with your meet(s) and races that are happening (now?) and this season.

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