Friday: 200/36/10
Warmup S
2(50; 3dist skips; 3bounds; 3st leg; 50) video
MT: 5xohb, 5xblf
Power clean 14x1x77.5% r60
Db rev lunge 2x5 80
Glute drive 2x8/hold at top
Db bench 3x10
Row 3x8
Cooldown: Jump rope 200 (barefoot)

Felt really good today and by far my best Friday session this block. Weights felt good overall and the rev lunges been feeling easy lately. Sweet way to finish the final loading week - it's time to rest and get ready for the upcoming block.

Upcoming block:

Day 1:
Timed runs 55-60m
Jumps for distance
Wts: Clean pull, Squat, Bench, Lat pd/Hypers

Day 2:
Timed runs complex 40m
Extended bounds

Day 3:
Intro short flies (short accel zone/30-40m run)
Intro depth jumps 12-24in
Wts: Clean, rev lunge, glute drive, Db bench/Row