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    Good weather today and final speed session of this week. Overall body feels good heading into today's session. I have to say over the past 3 months I have made the right moves every step of the way regarding my training. Kinda seems like luck because things usually don't go this way - it's like hitting a 15 team parlay in gambling. (take note>)I been squatting once a week over the past 3 months and the mobility in my quads seems to be good at this point. Also been performing a fair amount of unilateral work for the lower body and seem to correct some of the lower body issues (right hip discomfort etc).

    ** I have notice when performing the leg curls I feel some minor discomfort in my lower left hamstring tendon it's been an issue all winter. No problems with the track work or other exercises. The goal this year wasn't to push any of the direct hamstring exercises anyways - hopefully by keeping the weight light and getting blood pumped into the area works. I performed leg curls all winter as a rehab exercise but for the past 2 months I removed them from the program.
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