Week 6:
Warmup S
25(2xsled,2x facedown) 230/430-5
25(2xsled, 2x2pt) Jumps for dis x4/25 3pt
Jumps for distance 4x4
MB: x8 (ohb, blf)
Bench 5x4 (increase 10lbs) short rest 60-90sec
Squat 3x5 (increase 40lbs) short rest 2-230
Rdl 3x5 (increase 30lbs) short rest 60-90s
Db support row 3x10 (increase 5lbs) short rest 30-45s

This week I am doing 685m of sprint work, 120 jumps, and 48 throws. Slowly increasing the weight on the bar - the lower body strength should return soon. Getting tired of sprinting on grass but I'm thinking long term.