It has been a long time since checking in!!!! Early January my legs finally gave out and I was getting tired of training and racing with injuries I been dealing with since spring 2018. I decided to step away from the track and get healthy - to allow my true ability to show. In January I took 8 weeks and did nothing but upper body weights and treated all the lower body injuries I was dealing with. The next 8 weeks I introduced tempo and various bodyweight movements. The fifth month I continued the tempo and bodyweight movements but added jump circuits and mb throws. The sixth and final month I put everything back into the program, tempo, jumps, throws, and short hills (10-20m). So far, this is the healthiest I been since 2011ish but still have a little ways to go. I am also the lightest I have been since soph year of high school - my weight has gone from 193-195 to 168lbs. So far, I have achieved all the goals I needed to work on over these 6 months (health, fitness, body comp) …. Gpp is starting early July. DAMN!!!!!