Changing up my deload/test week because of outside stressors etc.

Mon: Recovery cardiac work
Wed: Test and tb wts
Thur: Tempo
Fri: Speed and tb wts
Sat/Sun REST

Last Friday wasn't a great day on the track and several body parts were hurting or about to explode (finger). After finishing my deadlifts I looked down and my thumb was black/blue and inner knuckles numb.

I woke up Friday morning and the HRV reading wasn't good.

Friday: Amber/7.

Saturday Red/4/hrv dropped 10+pts.

Sunday Red/2/hrv dropped 15+pts.

Monday Green/6

I want to give another 24-48hrs to let things stabilize before going hard again. My body is still dehydrate and need more rest. Gotta take better care of my body - only getting 4-5hrs of sleep a night.