I started training last week but decided to repeat week 1 again this week. I had this great training plan but as I started the workout I decided it was too much... It took me a couple days to learn what my body needed and what it was capable of at this present time and I made the adjustments and things are going much better. This first block of training will be four weeks and everything will be super general (even more general then tempo).

Hrv: 64.9
Daily change: -3.6
Readiness 10 - Green

Hrv: 70.3
Daily change +1.7
Readiness 10 - Green

Jog 5mins
Static stretch A
Dynamic stretch A/B x10
Abs x100
2 mile trail run (60sec jog + 120sec walk)

Last week: 8-15-16 to 8-21-16
Monday: Pure hell worked over one hour but hardly got anything done because my heart rate was crazy... Fuck it I'm going home.
Tuesday: Little better then monday but once again I had to make mid workout adjustments.. Warmup, bodyweight circuits etc.
Wednesday: Much better.. Warmup, 2 mile trail run jog/walking etc
Thursday: Adjusting to the workouts.. Warmup, bodyweight circuits etc.
Fri-Sun Rest.. Was planning to train on Friday but didn't have much time.