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Thread: Rio men's 200m

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    Re: Rio men's 200m

    Oops! Yes 30 years...makes it that much more impressive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flettotenko View Post
    The bolt 100m semi was his longest strides ever for the last 40-45m of all his major champs semi runs. he almost covered it the full 100m in 40 steps. Stride/step 40 must have landed around 98.6x-99.0x metre area on the track, thus the frequency from step 29-40 was only 0.25sec. frequency. I believe all his last 40m semi final shutdowns/float ins were still closer to his 9step/2sec frequency. To me this means hes maybe more prepped to run a long striding 200m in 79steps where he doesnt fade to a 'close to 0.3sec. frequency over last 15-20strides. The result a 2012 type 200m but faster than 19.30, so ling as he doesnt feel his back going out while running the last part of bend, as thats how he said he could feel his back in the post race interview of 2012 OG 200m fibal.
    My bad, just watched bolt Berlin semi9.85. His 40th step landed at 100m mark, and was chillin striding at 0.25second frequency the last 40m. Thus Berlin semi run was intrinsically more fantastic than Rio semi run lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ollie View Post
    Makes one wonder at times just how far we've really come in terms of the upper limits of human performance.

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of Ben Johnson while watching the 100 in Rio. The man ran in the 9.7s almost 20 years ago and may have dipped into the 9.6s if things turned out differently.
    I really think America has there Ben Johnson already, the only thing is he has no where near the max strength weight levels that Ben had, not that it should matter. It's trayvon bromell, just watching his tone and standing shaking his legs before some of the races. That dude right there is there modern day American Ben Johnson. Same frequency, same stride length/ number of steps over 100m. Only thing is Ben's first 10m were shorter strides and probably longer top speed and deceleration strides.

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