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I guess I am seeing things differently, he never looked great to me in the heats or all year. Even if bolt had more rest than he got, I think bolt at best would be 9.75. He hasn't run fast (for him) in a while, and IMO his starts and accel phase have become progressively worse since London. He just hasn't put any times up that I'm questioning where and how everyone thought he would do so well.
Valid points, however, I would surmise that many of the votes of confidence stem from, if nothing less, how seemingly effortless he ran and shut it down early in the semi and still went low 9.8. Based on that clear sub-max effort, I see no reason why, given a reasonable break between the semi and final, he wouldn't have gone low 9.7 if not high 9.6 (as he himself stated he was in 9.6 shape the week or two prior).