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    as far as ankle stabilizers are concerned I love using SL balance touchdown variations. Great for staying rooted through the ankle and also works the important hip extensors and hamstrings like you mentioned

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkh View Post
    When I saw the bench drop video, I immediately saw this as the direct opposite of what Dr, Ralph Mann has been teaching--Mann teaching shortening a bit on the first 2 steps so you don't get your steps too far in front initially. I don't know about the achilles issue, but I see the bench drop as teaching overstriding at the start.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere on here, there was a paper in the NSCA Journal this spring showing (3) depth jumps as part of warmup having a .1-.2 improvement in 20m time, which is obviously a significant improvement. I'm doing this as drop jumps not over 30" (per Charlie in the Edmonton video) as part of warmup rather than depth jumps, but this works.
    These notes are old as dirt from a 2002 phone consultation with the late CF-

    CF 2002
    Most people put deodorant on each day. It's a very simple thing to do so most people don't put much (if any) thought into it unless they really start to stink lol
    There is a very small window in which it is best to put apply it..when the conditions (created) are just right so in this way-

    It's easier to apply
    It goes in deeper so
    you can use much less of it
    works much better and longer.

    The ppl that do stink will keep searching for the right deodorant only to rarely find it in most cases and don't even consider setting up the right conditions for it to work well.
    Sequence and timing.
    BTW, I tend to take a cooler shower than most and for me.. I apply it within 90 sec. after getting out...just enough time to jot a note or two down.
    Hope this makes a little sense lol

    Anyways, it's been awhile since I posted so forgive me.

    Also, I don't know which example applies to the exercise in the vid as I have not seen anything else about his warm-up and work out for her. I will give him the benefit of the doubt however as he seems to know what he is doing.

    CF- There is no substitute for good forward planing and clear observation DURING training to adjust as needed.

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