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She won the first ever USATF Women's decathlon. So a national champ. She can do it all. Currently she is retooling a bit as she transitioned between colleges and covid. She's a great kid. As for the drill that got a lot of criticism here it is still a component of our training. We usually do this as a part of our speed contrast sessions. We overload sled, the vest, then drop sprint, then flying 20-30ms. Usually no more than 2 sets of each and all out for that unit and session of practice. We go through the order and repeat. Last year our 100 and 400 meter squads were 1st in the state when scored out like a XC meet with your top 5 scoring and your next two being used as kicks. We were also 2nd best in the 200 meters. Not bad for a mid sized high school in Missouri not known for its sports programs. I would say the methods are good. Also things have been adjusted from the influence of Charlie, Tony, and Korfist.
Thatís Great. Thanks for answering.
Yes, it is a tough crowd around here still and we call each other out from time to time, but hey, itís like Family. I love reading the archives.

Ange is doing a terrific job of keeping things going and being a little more relaxed of whatís really going on in this Sport.