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Thread: "Chronic Hamstring Problems in Sprinters: Management and Recovery"

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    Re: "Chronic Hamstring Problems in Sprinters: Management and Recovery"

    Quote Originally Posted by robin1 View Post
    My feeling is that tempo running is important not so much for recover as it is for adding volume. My performance has always suffered when cutting out tempo running due to Achilles tendinopathy, and I think that's because I was left with only about 1500m of running (including warmups) per week when doing so. I'm now experimenting with running in chest deep water for tempo and am using a nine-day microcycle of three high and two low (water running) intensity workout every nine days. This means I'm only running on land every third day. So far it seems to be working well, but we'll have to see what the long-term results are.
    I am not sure you will get the results with chest deep water the same way you will with shoulder height deep water. Chest deep water will still put a fair bit of load on your calves and feet. You really need to float and ideally have a belt so all your energy is not for floating but for running.

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    Re: "Chronic Hamstring Problems in Sprinters: Management and Recovery"

    Sorry, you're right, shoulder height is probably a better description of what I'm using. The water reaches roughly to my clavicles. I'm touching the floor but with minimal impact. I do high knees alternating with something akin to a straight leg running drill to ensure all the muscles involved in running above the knee are engaged.

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