Not everyone is able to control the variables in their coaching scenario the way they might like.

I thought a great deal about Charlie this spring coaching these high school kids. I was feeling some things that never occurred to me for the 20 plus years I knew him and it was mind blowing because I found myself reacting as I was him even though I knew different.

You best love to coach as it has been clear to me that not all people are able to pour their hearts into it the way some can. Yet there is lots of coaching going on by people that has nothing to do with the athletes.

It sounds like you did so many things correctly including going into the meet with no expectations.

Clearly having medals is a desirable standard and achieving that is an exceptional accomplishment. It's interesting also that effort and reward always seem to be so intimately connected. I've never done anything worth while that was easy and I would not have it any other way.

I hope you might be taking some time off?

What is ahead for you?