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Thread: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression


    I think you are doing so many things correctly and you need to give yourself huge credit for the learning and researching and follow through regarding your daughter.

    Seven years ago you came to this site and today your daughter is in college running track. How cool is that? And from the sounds of it she has done very well along the way.

    I am noting a pattern of things you have been telling us regarding your daughter. The pattern is fairly consistent. It’s showing routine breakdown. She recovers, does well, and breaks down with allergies or vocal chord dysfunction. Skin issues and then bladder infection. Mono, anemia respiratory infection. She takes time off due to weather and holiday and gains weight and beelines to snacking and junk food. Routine training is taxing in all ways and when the body breaks down it has to build up again to perform at its best.

    I think you are doing more right than wrong especially as a parent. It’s not easy for a parent to coach his or her own kid. I recall noticing that your daughter has been working very hard and doing some seriously intense training and she is still only in first year college?

    It’s very easy to let the work volume get away from you. I am wondering if this has been happening without intention. j

    I’d be reaching if I had too much criticism for the job you are doing here with your daughter who sounds like a bit of a badass young woman rock star. Good work for you and your wife and good for your daughter as well.

    Have you heard the expression that “perfection can be the enemy of good”?

    Sometimes when we want something so bad we miss details. I am not able to see exactly what you need or what your daughter needs. It sounds like you are covering off many areas and doing a lot of things correctly. As I said earlier if the pattern of physical issues continues double check your intensity and volumes and never be afraid to back off. Typically most people find doing more work easier and more satisfying than less work. And I have also noticed that without some comparison doing less just means not improving and when people are driven to succeed a method better be backed up somehow to “sell” the athlete in question on why doing less reps (just to use one example) will be better than 10.

    These are my thoughts and I hope they are helpful or mindful to possibly give you insight.

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Quote Originally Posted by oldbloke View Post
    Diet :
    I am not a huge fan of supplements but has she been prescribed any dietary changes/supplements for her anemia ? This is a case where supplementation may be justified.
    The other thing I find has helped me is a simple protein shake after hard workouts.

    Recovery :
    Sleep is a great mechanism, but not always the easiest thing when you are a student.
    Does K still have access to EMS, massage, ice baths through her college team ? If not that is a big loss and there is benefit in arranging some of this herself. Although possibly too expensive on a college budget.
    Alternatively she could consider the recovery benefits of non-running tempo on the bike or in a pool.

    Training :
    I wonder if her training needs more specific focus. She appears to have mixed many different distances over the last year or so. Everything from 200m to XC. It`s fine to try everything but there comes a time when you reach jack of all trades master of none. Logical groupings are 200/400, 400/800 (although not really at elite level), 800 - XC.
    She is getting multiple cardio workouts - why is her coach prescribing them when he wants her to focus on 200M ?
    this is a great answer and I have been thinking about this and think the idea that not focusing enough on speed or a specific distance regarding the speed training is a good observation. I was recently discussing the topic of supplementation with someone. I think targeted supplementation is a reasonable idea.Anemia can be tricky I have heard. I was wondering Rich if trying steak tare tar and or carpaccio or liver has been recommended and if that worked? I personally don't think the science for mainstream is accessible for most and for this reason caution might be a good idea. I've found great success with adding things like whole ginger and kale to my protein either pre training or post training as a means to stabilize blood sugar, ensure protein is available and fortify myself generally.

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    I know some of Charlie's athletes had anemia at various times and the food suggestions were the above mentioned meals.

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Your advice and positive words are very much appreciated.
    Been out of town (care package drop-off/visit with daughter) and busy, just read your posts.

    Other than the bladder infection, every time K had a medical issue, it was well into either the schools Track or X Country program and had not trained at home for many weeks. Her allergy Dr.'s said much of her allergy issues were a result of stress, which during those times she was going through issues at her school.

    Yes Angela, 7 years ago I joined here, trying to find what I could to help K, as she had just 'fell in love' with running and was pushing herself too much and training herself after school track practice. I let her stay after 6th grade track practice for about 2 weeks... then she got a very bad case of shin splints... that's when I looked your site up.
    At first, it was to learn what I could to help keep K from hurting herself.. then, as her love did not waver and she only grew more 'addicted to everything track', I wanted to learn what I could to help her.

    How we treated her iron issues during high school was a regular diet of chicken liver (cheaper/higher iron content than beef liver), fresh oysters with orange juice (increases iron absorption/NO Calcium within hours of meal, as it prevents iron absorption). 3-4 days a week she would drink 8 ounces of fresh kale or swiss chard/carrot/apple/celery/ginger (ginger also helps settle stomach) juice (just enough carrot/apple for flavor...not too much sugar) from a low rpm, auger style juicer (low oxygen that destroys vitamins). Would also juice beets, as they really help with iron deficiency and have many B vitamins. Senior year, we just used Biotta beetroot juice, much easier than juicing, and 500ml bottle can be bought online @ 5.79 bottle/no tax/free shipping! Each bottle is 2 servings.
    Cut her milk back to mostly only hemp milk, adding Chia seed, chopped hemp seed, to daily diet during high school.

    Now, after multiple blood work-ups, we have found she is fine to just take 1 iron tablet daily with citrus juice/no calcium within hours of taking is sufficient. Her iron levels are stable and at a good level.
    Started back on Biotta beet juice also. The only supplements she takes are vitamins/ZMA. Will have her talk to coach about starting with protein shakes again, as that has been helpful for years.

    As for my posting, I was quite frustrated. I was looking for answers/suggestions to things I missed, or may need to know? The one thing I have learned throughout this journey, is there is so much to learn about everything.
    A lot of the issue now is just a need to getting back to healthy diet, and learn to balance school/study, track/training, eating healthy and .... balance the social life... just another learning curve.

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Since I mentioned that a number of girls from K's team made Nationals, I thought I would update that too.

    In the NCAA DII Finals: 800m runner placed 2nd (her time would have won 26 of the past 30 DII national finals, and adds to the 1st place that a different girl on the team won in the 2014 DII Nationals) , 4x400m team placed 3rd and DMR team placed 5th.... not bad for a school of only 4,000 students (3,000 if only counting undergraduates)

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