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Thread: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    First 400m of the season (lane 6, wearing red top/blue shorts)

    K said at about the 200m point, she felt she had much more energy than she should have and that she should have came out faster.
    Said just finished 'easy', not pushing herself, as it was not that competitive. official time 58.79

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    That looked incredibly easy!

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Spring break for the past week so no competition to report. She has had regular practice Monday thru Saturday and I changed her lifting to 3 days this past week and will now lift 2 days a week until closer to the end of season.

    K is very excited to compete in her next meets in the coming weeks. This past Saturday her coach had her run a 600m time trial by herself (she is the only 400/800m runner on team)
    Her time was 1:35.00 (auto timed).

    We have traveled to a couple different DII universities that interest K in our state (looking at pre-med) trying to get athletic/other scholarship... getting down to the wire.

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    The couple of meets up to this point have had at least 25 MPH sustained winds, with up to 40 MPH gusts... and of course, nice calm weather leading up to and after meets

    FINALLY a meet without a lot of wind!
    One of the best annual high school meets in the northwest.

    K ran her second 400m of the year today (Saturday) and even though it is early in the season, having had a short pre-comp training season (and losing 3 months to doing absolutely nothing due to illness) the training clearly agreed with her.

    Last year at this very same meet and same time period, she did quite well.
    Today, she bested last years 400m time at this meet by a full 2 seconds and even a new PR of 57.38!

    Here is a video of the 400m event (Lane #2, wearing red top/blue shorts):

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Time to update this thread, as I should have done last year.

    Shortly after the meet above, K contracted a respiratory infection that lasted until just before the State Championships at the end of May... about a month. She was unable to compete well and with the limited training anyways from her schools program, she lost fitness. After talking to some other coaches at the end of the Season, I found that in the eastside of our State there had been an outbreak of this respiratory illness that sent many to the hospital. At some schools, nearly whole teams were unable to compete/train.

    K did mostly recover from the infection just in time for District and State championships. At State, in the pre-lims, K broke into the 56 second zone for the first time and qualified for the State finals.
    She did not recover well though, I believe, for a multitude of reasons... previous illness/lack of fitness due to less running, lack of any recovery post pre-lims (and late night movie).... K placed 8th the following day in the final race with a 59 something time.
    After all she went through, she was very happy to have been able to make it to state, PR sub 57 second and medal in the finals...very successful considering everything.

    In over 40 years (that is as far back as the records go), K is only the 2nd sprinter (100/200/400) to place at the State Championships from her school. The other athlete, also a girl, placed at State 15 years earlier with a PR of just under 58 seconds (during that time, and up to just a few years ago, a 57 second zone run could WIN State).

    Now a freshman in college, K recieved both athletic and academic scholarships to the University she chose to go to, which covers much of the 50K a year cost to go there.
    She is in a rigorous pre-med program.

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    I was just thinking about you and K yesterday!

    good to hear that she has been having some success. will there be more frequent updates again??

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Great update on K!! She's been through some adversity and has still managed to find success. I'm sure these are lessons she will remember forever, and apply them to life beyond the track. You've been so supportive of her to ensure she found success. Although the state finals wasn't as hoped for, your statement about her success in her school's history says plenty. Congrats to you all, and I wish her the best in college. Keeping the passion for running is so important at the next level, as it's not always a smooth time. I always tell my kids who compete collegiately to remember these two things, (1) always have fun, no matter what, (2) be patient, as success might take a few years to develop.

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Rich, it's great to hear that you and your daughter have been finding your way and been successful in your pursuit to get faster and improve overall as an athlete.

    ESTI's words are well said.

    My one question to you and your daughter would be how sophisticated you feel your nutritional plan has been? And also what role regeneration has played as a routine? Has it been something your daughter has taken seriously?

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    Yes, I will try to keep updates on how she is doing. Thank you for your post

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    Re: K's 400m/800m 2015 HS Senior Year progression

    One thing that we both have learned, is this is a continually changing experience! Many, many curve balls and things you could never imagine happening... and as you said, just need to look forward, be positive and do your best.
    She has been great at always looking beyond whatever temporary barriers give, and just work in the present to do what she can.

    K had a big learning experience in her first few months of school, that I never thought of... more about this in my reply to Angela's post below

    ESTI, thank you for your positive statement and great words of wisdom!

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