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Thread: Mike Barwis

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    Re: Mike Barwis

    Quote Originally Posted by RB34 View Post
    30 reps of half lunges with 265lbs or the trash shoulder complex.
    I didn't watch those parts in its entirety..can you blame me? The -not so much- comment was just a play on words...i'm not interested in his methods.

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    Re: Mike Barwis

    Quote Originally Posted by Balance View Post
    I FF to the parts where Richard Sherman was talking and looking for any Nuggets I could get from someone that is at the top of his Game/League.
    Not sure if you've seen it, but this is my favorite Sherman clip. No physical training shown but dude is serious about learning the game.

    As for Barwis, I'd like to see the data from his previous schools, injury rates and KPI tracking through the years.

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