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Thread: First outdoor meet of the year.

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    First outdoor meet of the year.

    Outdoor high school track started 2 weeks ago and now my daughter is in the hands of her schools coaches.
    She is very happy and excited to run with her team mates and really missed running on a team.

    Here is a video of her first race of the season.
    She is in lane #8, blue uniform. Her official time was 43.09, which out of 6 heats, was the best time overall.

    She trained throughout the winter outside in poor, freezing conditions. We were very fortunate to get very little snow.
    She ran at an indoor meet February 16, but complained of feeling overwhelmingly Lethargic and Fatigued.
    The performance showed something was definitely not right.

    On the drive home, she told more... what she should have told me days earlier, and we stopped at the Hospital.
    She had a very serious infection.
    Her training curtailed for a time as she recovered. After many doctor appointments and trips for lab work, I hope it is finally gone.

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    First 400m of the Season (Lane #6, red top, blue shorts, time was 59.90):

    A lesson learned... she assumed she had a large lead and was not running a strong finish... then she saw the approaching 'shadow' at the finish line...

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    Second 400m of the Season ran on Saturday (Lane #3, red top, blue shorts, and a new PR of 59.23)

    This was a great meet, 109 High Schools from 3 States, she finished 6th place over-all.

    The balance of what I'm doing with her daily and what she is doing with her school practice is working very well.

    She had lost some fitness from her infection from mid Feb. to about mid March, but is now making up lost ground.

    Started out a little fast, which probably made a difference in the finish.

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    What's the training program?

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharmer View Post
    What's the training program?
    At home, 3 days a week are weights, only 2 days if a 2 meet week.
    About 2 months ago David McHenry, who is the Nike Oregon Project strength coach, spent a day testing my daughter and put together a 3 day-a-week program for in-between the weight days, to address issues with posterior chain, hip area muscles etc. using yoga ball, stretch bands, etc.
    She is due for a re-test, which includes gait analysis, and will upgrade her workout program.

    She was in great condition from the 12 week program she finished just before she started school track March 3rd, other than the infection she contracted in mid-February.

    The school program does not have much of a speed component.
    Just something she will have to accept.
    But, now that there are mostly 2 meets per week, her 400m performance should continue to improve.

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    Quote Originally Posted by rich121 View Post
    The school program does not have much of a speed component, so her 100/200m performance will suffer, and has.
    Just something she will have to accept.
    Rich, congratulations on your daughter's 400m PR; however, please urge her NOT to accept the fact that her school program is lacking in pure speed volumes. At her age, the odds are in her favor that the plasticity of her transitional fibers is still intact. As a result, it is absolutely imperative that those fibers incur continual exposure to high quality and purely alactic sprint efforts.

    As a former high school T&F coach myself, I would be surprised if her coaches were to object to her getting in some pure speed reps before she get's into what I assume are speed and special endurance reps. Perhaps her willingness to do so would catch on to the other athletes and in short order the overall results of the program will improve.

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    Are there any other sports in which schol pupils fail to spend some time training at competition pace ? I doubt it, concept seems peculiar to some athletics coaches. Wingers never run flat out with the ball, pitchers/fast bowlers bowl slowly .....
    Accept that not every session can be at high intensity and many sports use low intensity to work on technical skills.
    In the cae of school sprinters they are likely to only train as a group say twice a week. Should use them to focus on the most critical aspects of their training. Likely they will get general fitness from time spent on secondary sports and life in general.

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    She invests her whole year in training and I do my best to make sure it's not in vain.
    She did do well in her League meet last night, placed 1st in all 4 events, which included 2 relays, ran 12.9 in the 100m and a PR in the 200m of 26.27.

    She has a meet on Saturday that will include 36 high schools so it should be fun.

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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    One of my goals with this site is to keep this information around to spread it to a wide enough audience to generate enough interest that hopefully and eventually people discover better ways, more efficient ways to train smarter with regards to " speed or sprint training".
    Today I posted a chart from the " The Structure of Training for Speed" on my twitter account. ( afitmommacoon) . The chart defines Intensity as it pertains to Running Velocity. I have found that coaches, athletes or anyone I speak to about training do not understand the concept of what " high intensity" training is.
    I am not sure I would have either but I have experienced it for myself .
    Before training properly I was doing medium work CONSTANTLY. My favorite was 5,4,3 ,2 100 meter breakdowns x 2 with walk back recovery and maybe 5 or 10 min between the sets.. this was in first year university. No therapy at all, not sleeping much, my eating sucked and I was 20 pounds over weight... And I gained weight doing this work instead of losing weight.
    I got slower and slower and slower.
    Had I not questioned that over and over and become extremely frustrated I would never have been driven to look somewhere else for the answers.
    Post 1988 after meeting Charlie many of my training sessions contained numberous 10 meter speed sections. THen if they were good we might go to 20 meters and then if that was good I would go to 30 meters. Rarely , if ever did my speed sessions begin with 30 meters right away. ( right away meaning the first thing I did after my one hour warm up).
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    Re: First outdoor meet of the year.

    Is she still using EMS?

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